We’re a hostel, but on the move. You’ll wake up with a different view every other day!


Hiking, mountain biking, surfing, kayaking .. we’ll make sure you’ll spend most of your time outside the bus! 

Back to Basic

Bonfires, cooking together, no wifi (but more connection than any 5G-network could provide), be ready to reconnect.

Join us

See where we are going next and when & where you can hop on and join! 

// We’re still busy planning the route, we expect to be online by June 2021 and hit the road in Sept 2021 //

Green Wheels

We believe it is important to minimize our footprint. As outdoor lovers we’d like to work with nature, not against it. We realize our bus isn’t the most environmental friendly bus, so this is how we compensate

solar panels

We have enough solar panels on our roof to give power to the full bus. Enough to charge your cameras, keep your drinks cool and enjoy nice tunes in the evening.


We’ll show our guests you don’t have to go far to experience cool things. We’ll drive a max of 300 km per trip because we believe adventure lies around your corner!


We decided to buy an already existing bus because we didn’t want to produce a new one! Also, we have tried to build the entire bus on recycled materials.

no meat

We don’t serve meat on our trips, but don’t worry: you won’t even notice, food will still be lovely! 

Let’s get in touch!

Can’t meet us at the campfire?

Contact us by phone, email or social media. | 00316 2710 4573