The time has finally come, we have bought the bus! No way back!

It’s April 8th 12.00 PM. We’re driving out of Leiden and are wondering: is this really going to happen? In less than three hours the bus will officially be ours. We’ll be meeting Ernst Jan in Heino at the garage. He is supposed to send us a text when he leaves Nieuwegein. Since he’ll only be able to go 69 km/h we expect him to leave not long after us. We’re getting more nervous by the minute: shouldn’t he be gone already?? I picture him cursing in the bus because it won’t start.. I picture him not showing up. Then the text! Yes, he’s on his way! He’ll be one hour late, but he is coming! Yes!

We meet him not long after, register the bus on our name and then it’s official: the bus is ours! We couldn’t be happier.

Or can we? The most freighting moment: is the motor okay? We couldn’t be sure beforehand, but when we see the mechanics face when he listens to the motor we know: it’s a good catch! Let’s tidy him up and and get him home a.s.a.p.!



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