Since we promised to keep you posted on the windows, here we are again. It’s half July and we’ve had our ‘getting-windows-out-and-back-in-again-without-breaking-them-class’. And we have to tell you: we had some very good teachers (or student..) because none of the 32 windows broke! Yep, that’s right: zero.

It took us three days to get all the windows out, sand the frame, paint it again, clean the windows and put them back in again. I think we can admit we’re a little bit proud of ourselves and the people who helped us out. If you would have asked us two months ago, we thought it would take us up to two months to finish this job. Thanks to Autotaalglas Hoofddorp who were so kind as to give us some lessons and lend us their tools, we were able to do it in only three days!


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