La Karavana in the media

It turns out a lot of people like the idea of us, four women, buying a 44-year old double decker bus and converting it into a hostel. Even more so since they figure out we don’t have any experience with converting a bus or driving one. Two things that make us even more exciting, since whatever happens, we’ll learn so much this year!

Corona left us all without work (all working in the events) so we decided to take our chances and buy the bus. First our local news paper Leidsch Dagblad has spotted us and wrote a (two-page!) article about us. Read it here or run to the store and get one! 

Next to Leidsch Dagblad, we were also on some other Dutch media. You can check it out here!

Radio 2, Radio 5, Q-music, RTL nieuws, AD, Leidsch Nieuwsblad, Omroep West,and De Ondernemer.


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