Last week at POW!WOW! Festival in Rotterdam we were lucky enough to get a complete make-over by an artist we came to love: Tymon de Laat. Eileen, Jolies and Lies had no clue what he was about to paint, so we must admit: it was quite a scary week and definitely a challenge not to see any photos before the big reveal on Sunday (13th). By blocking all socials and not opening certain Whatsapp-groups, we managed.

Sunday the 13th we went to Rotterdam. Accompanied by AD news who filmed our reaction, we saw the bus. We couldn’t be happier! Even more so after seeing the video of Tymon where he explains why he painted what he painted. Thanks again Tymon!!

–> Check out the video of AD News who followed us that day
–> Check out the video where Tymon exlains a bit more about the painting – we love it!

–> Check out more photos of the bus



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