Woohoo, we can start insulating the bus! It might not sound that interesting to people who are not converting a bus, but we couldn’t be happier that we can finally start insulating the bus haha. It means we’ve fixed most of our problems with the water (see our other blog). Before we could do so, we first had to figure out which insulation material to use.

The material: Armaflex

After reading a lot about insulating your camper on internet, we figured Armaflex would be our best option. Even though our bus is pretty high, each floor is “only” 1.75m. This means we have to save as much space as we can, in order for people to be able to stand up straight. Armaflex has the highest insulation value, while being thinnest. Perfect! It’s also easy to apply, especially if you get the self-adhesive version.

How to start insulating

After being laughed at because we were watching YouTube videos and reading the tutorial that comes with the material, we could start. Step one: cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. We found out the frame still had old paint on it which had to be taken off. Since everything with our bus is a lot, this was too. We scraped off the old paint of over one kilometer of frame before we could start insulating.

We learned how to sharpen knives and off we went. We turned out to be quite good at this we must say, we finished the whole ceiling in less than three days!

–> Find more photos of the process


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