Happy New Year!

2020 has been a crazy year for us. In March practically all our projects got cancelled (working in the events and travel industry) due to covid. We decided this would be the only possible time (ever) where we had so much time on our hands that we could start a big crazy project. We decided to buy a big big bus that we could convert into our dream hostel. So we did. On April 8th we officially registered it on our name. The 8 months that followed were crazy. We’ve been contacted by big media channels, have learned new things basically every day and have already met so many people because of it. We’ve learned how to drive a truck, how to build up a bus (and a website) and have seen how many people were willing to help out. We’ve been seriously amazed by the amount of help we got with our crowdfunding campaign. €17.856..! Still hard to believe.❤

Of course sometimes we had set backs. It took forever to get the bus water tight and sometimes it feels like things are going so slow. But then we realize how much has happened already and we feel happy that on that day in April we decided to take the chance and without any building experience or the right drivers license.. we bought the bus to at least give it a try.The biggest thing we learned is that you are capable of more than you might think! So use 2021 to go for it and take a chance!❤🤸‍♂️

All the best and again, thanks for following us and having the patience to stick in here while we slowly bur surely finish the bus haha.


Eileen, Saskia, Jolisa & Lisa



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