Places we've been, people we've met.

Here we'll share our stories with you. About the hard work we had to put in fixing the bus. About the people we've met along the way. The adventures we've had, both in creating the bus as in the trips we could do because of it. Long story short: we'll keep you updated here (and on our socials)!

New year, new traditions; climbing trip in Spain! After eating way too much during the Christmas […]
Oeii we´re so excited and a bit nervous at the same time. We´re finally going abroad!! […]
Wow, we’re still enjoying the afterglow of our trip last weekend. Together with Casper from De […]
Bus conversion video by NKC It’s been four months since we finished our English double decker […]
Winterkamperen bij Het Bos Roept! Kom je ook logeren in onze bus? Na 18 maanden klussen, […]
Eerste groepsreis 2022 online! Terwijl Sinterklaas nog niet eens het land uit is en de eerste […]
Yesterday, when returning home from a trip to Antwerp, we met a friendly stranger, who was […]
After lots of requests, we’ve decided to launch our own La Karavana line. We might not […]
How nice, the Dutch news paper Leidsch Dagblad covered a story about us again in their […]
Starting from February 8th we have special Adventure Vouchers available. By buying a voucher you’ll be […]