Places we've been, people we've met.

Here we'll share our stories with you. About the hard work we had to put in fixing the bus. About the people we've met along the way. The adventures we've had, both in creating the bus as in the trips we could do because of it. Long story short: we'll keep you updated here (and on our socials)!

Yesterday over 55.000 people got our story on their door step. NKC, the biggest platform for […]
Woohoo, we can start insulating the bus! It might not sound that interesting to people who […]
Our biggest challenge so far: water. Water coming from the windows, the roof and places we’re […]
Last week at POW!WOW! Festival in Rotterdam we were lucky enough to get a complete make-over […]
La Karavana in the media It turns out a lot of people like the idea of […]
Since we promised to keep you posted on the windows, here we are again. It’s half […]
Last week AD news came to find out more about our project. Check out the video […]
First purchase: two soft mattresses for you guys to sleep on once we’re on the road!
Our first day of klussing! So, we need to replace all the window rubbers because they […]
We are four women, more practical minded than creative. That’s why it took us ages to […]