24 – 26 MARCH 2023 (FULL)

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We’ve created a 3-day Bushcraft weekend  where you’ll go back to your roots. We gathered a team of very knowledgeable & experienced people around us for this trip.

We’ll set up camp in a unique  (& secret) location you’ll learn how to make fire & craft tools, how to find your own food  and prepare it on the fire. At night we’ll connect with each other even more by doing a cacao ceremony . On the last day, we’ll teach you breathing techniques and the daredevils can jump in an  ice bath! We’ll do all of this in a beautiful location somewhere in the Netherlands, where we’ll also enjoy some  hikes in the area. 

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Practical Information

Pick Up & Drop-Off
We will pick you up at 10.00 at the train station. Which location exactly will be announced. It will be in The Netherlands.

From here we’ll drive in our 47-year old bus to a secret location. This is where the adventure starts! We will bring you back to the same train station on Sunday at 17.00h.

Food & Drinks
All meals are included, we will cook together on the fire at night. All food is vegetarian. 

You can drink as much coffee, tea, water or lemonade as you like. Other drinks like beer, wine or soda are not included and cost €2,00 each. 

This trip costs €425,-.

Your accommodation

The Bus
Of course part of the fun is to be living in our ancient bus, transformed from an old public transportation bus into a comfortable group accommodation.

You’ll sleep in a comfortable bed, either a bunk-bed or a single bed. Your bed has its own little light, curtain and locker for your valuables.

Upstairs you’ll also find the lounge with a view, while downstairs is the living area, with kitchen and dining area. Both areas have what we call in Dutch ‘ARKO’ (Alle Ramen Kunnen Open’) and a heating system for the colder nights.

Downstairs we have a big lounge / dining area with heater, where you can start your day with a cup of coffee or enjoy conversation till we’re too tired to talk. 

The Campsite
We’ll park the bus at a beautiful campsite (still secret which one). We will use the sanitary facilities such as shower and toilet from the campsite.

Fully equipped with heating, kitchen, bathroom, comfy beds, a big lounge and of course…a fire pit!

What’s included
  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Professional guidance for activities
  • Bushcraft knife
  • Transportation during the trip
  • Lot’s of bonfires


  • All your meals (2x breakfast, 3x lunch, 2x dinner)
  • All your coffee, tea, water & lemonade


  • Cacao ceremony
  • Ice bath
  • Breathing techniques
  • Foresting
  • Compass-hike
  • Learn how to make your own fire
  • Learn how to make your own tool 

What’s not included
  • Drinks other than the above mentioned (drinks can be bought on the bus for €2,00.)
  • Transportation to pick-up & drop-off location
  • Towel
  • Travel Insurance


Learn how to make fire and tools

Egon, a very skilled and experienced surivor in the wild, will teach you all about how to make your own fire. He will teach you a few different techniques and as a group, you will also make a fire bowl! You can put your techniques into practice the rest of the weekend when we’ll cook on our self built fire! 

Also, he will guide you in the process of making your own tool from wood that can be found in the forrest. For this trip you will get a real ‘bushcraft knife’ that you can use straight away! 


Collect your own food from the forest – it’s full of it! Denice, who’s a bushcraft instructor that joins us on this trip, will teach you want you can and cannot eat. At night we’ll prepare it on the fire and enjoy the delicious taste from nature!

Cacao Ceremony

A cacao ceremony is an accessible way to open up and find connection with nature, yourself and the others around you. It invites you to look a little deeper and share it with others around you, without becoming too ‘floaty’. 

Koen is very experienced with coaching all kinds of ceremonies, the cacao ceremony is one of them and a nice way to get acquainted with a ceremony where you won’t loose control at all. Together we drink a glass of mild spicy cacao drink that enables us to open up. There will be music, meditative moments, open conversations. Koen, who will join us for the whole weekend, will guide us through it. 

Theobromine is the active substance that activates the happiness hormone and the cocoa dilates the blood vessels so that the blood can flow better and the heart is literally and figuratively opened more.

Ice Bath & Breathing Techniques

On Sunday, we’ll focus on breathing techniques and you have the opportunity to take an ice bath. Koen accompanies us in the breathing process in which we get more oxygen into our blood vessels through breathing. This puts us in a kind of relaxed brainwave. This way of breathing is used by many people as meditation. It helps us to brave the cold of the ice bath. The ice bath helps to remove waste, makes us more energetic, sharper and more productive. In addition, it is very good for the immune system.


You’ll learn how to use the compass and find your way to our camp for the weekend.

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