We’re a hostel, but on the move. You’ll wake up with a different view every other day! 


Hiking, mountainbiking, surfing, climbing. We’ll make sure you’ll spend most of your time outside the bus!

Back to basic

Bonfires, cooking together, no WiFi, be ready to go back to basic, but in touch with your fellow travelers!


See where we are going next and where and when you can hop on and join!

Right now we’re still busy converting the bus.
We expect to be on the road by June 2021, so keep an eye on our socials or subscribe to our news letter to follow the progress and not miss out on the best seats, uhh… beds.

Minimize our footprint

We believe it is important to minimize our footprint. As outdoor lovers we’d like to work with nature, not against it. 

solar panels

We have enough solar panels on our roof to give power to the full bus. Enough to charge your cameras, keep your drinks cool and enjoy nice tunes in the evening.

no meat

We don’t serve meat on our trips in order to decrease our footprint. But don’t worry: you won’t even notice, food will still be lovely! 


We have tried to use as many recycled materials as possible while building the bus. 


There’s beauty around every corner. We don’t want to travel far to reach cool landscapes and people. We’ll be traveling slow, enjoying the unknown places.

Let’s get to know each other