Whether you’re a group of friends looking for a unique weekend out or a company wanting to organize a unique team building day or weekend, or a travel agency wanting to work together.. 

Whatever you think of, let’s try to make it happen!


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Wanna hit the road for a Roadtrip 2.0 as a surprise for one of your friends or just as your annually friends or family-trip? A day, a weekend or even a week. Up to you! 

Let’s get in touch and discuss the possibilities. 

Company trips

Want to surprise your employees with a special team building day? It doesn’t get more unique than our bus, of which you can only find 5 others driving around The Netherlands.

For example:
Pick up, brainstorm/meeting in the bus, lunch, workshop outside (energizer), BBQ.

Let’s get in touch and customize it completely to your wishes! 

Let’s work together

Interested in offering your client base a totally new and unique trip? You can! We can customize the whole trip so it fits your clients’ needs perfectly.

Bus facts

Ground floor | The Living Area

  • – a Hot shower
    – A kitchen with sink + stove + oven
    – Two fridges, free for anyone to use
    – A compost toilet
    – A dining area that will fit 10
    – A heating system
    – Electricity plugs
    – Lots of water, we have 620L fresh water to enable us to go off the grid
    – The driver’s seat (on the right side!)

Top Floor | The dorm

– 7 beds dorm, all with their own curtains to provide some privacy
– 2 more beds in the back, in the (separate) private room
– Storage for your stuff (enough to put your backpack in)
– Best seats in town – in the front of the bus
– Solar panels cover the entire roof to provide us with green energy anywhere we are

Wanna take it for a stroll?  We can take a max of 8 passengers.