We understand you might have some additional questions after going through our website. We think you’ll probably find the answers below, but if not don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail or personal message on our socials. 


Where do I get on board?

Yihaaa, please do! 

Because our bus is a slow-traveler we ask you to come to us, where ever we are, instead of us picking you up in The Netherlands. This way, we might get pretty far!

First you pick the trip you’d like to join on from the bookings page . Here you’ll see both the dates and pick-up and drop-off points of each trip. We make sure they’re always easy to reach by public transport. 

What’s included?
  • Comfy bed, all nights on the bus
  • Breakfast, (packed) lunch & dinner
  • Unlimited coffee, tea & water
  • Hot shower
  • Most of the activities (for details check the specific trip)
  • Use of gear and board games on board
  • Use of facilities
  • Lots of bonfires! 
  • Dutch & English speaking hosts (and a little bit Spanish, German, French.., but please teach us more since we mainly just pretend we can speak those languages haha)
  • Transportation during trip
  • 2 Hosts who’ll take you around!

What’s not included
  • Transport to pick up point and from drop-off point
  • Some of the activities (for details check the specific trip)
  • Drinks, we do provide beers and wine for a small fee so you don’t have to drag it around from your hometown
  • (travel)Insurance
  • Towel
  • Sleeping bag (but for an additional €6,00 (rental) / €8,00 (trip) you can book bedding.

Umm..and the price?

Of course joining us for a week on the bus and discovering new places is priceless, but since we do have (quite some) costs to cover, we ask you for a contribution on our adventure.
–> Check what’s included above
–> Check out the specific prices on our bookings-page

What facilities are there on board

We basically have everything you’d expect a house to have. Kitchen, shower, toilet, sink, lockers, electricity plugs..All free for you to use! The only thing is it can run out.. So together we try to pay some attention to what we’re using. After all, a morning swim is nicer than a shower, don’t you think!

We also have some gear on board, think of slack lines, snorkeling gear, long boards, etc. – free for you to use! 

Can anyone join?

Yes! Everyone between 2-110 years old is welcome on board! Under the age of 16 we do ask you to come accompanied by an adult. Under 18 we ask for an adult’s approvement. 

If you are bound to wheel chair, it is a bit more difficult to join perhaps since the beds are upstairs. But if you think you can, please join! 

Do kids get discount?

We’re allowed to take 8 passengers on board. Kids from the age of two years old are considered passengers by law. This means they take a regular seat on the bus. 

For very young kids we can however look at the price, since they might not join all the activities. Please get in touch so we can see what we can do.

Are there lockers?

Yes, you’ll have your own big locker underneath your bed. There’s enough space here to put your whole backpack. 

Can I take my big ass princess suitcase

You have 70x50x25cm to place you bags. We’re afraid your big-ass-princess-suitcase won’t fit here, but a small one would and your backpack definitely! 

How do I get back home / to the pick-up point once the trip is over

We’ll make sure to pick you up and drop you off from locations that are easy to reach by public transport. Easy for you to get to from your hometown and to get back to in case you left your car there at the start of our trip. Please be aware that getting there in time and getting back home is your own responsibility. But as a La Karavana Survivor we’re sure you’ll manage! If not, don’t hesitate to ask us for help.

Please make sure not to have important appointments for the day after your trip, just in case we’ll be delayed. Or in case you still need time to recover. 😉

Is there WiFi on board?

We have deliberately chosen not to have WiFi on the bus, because we feel being offline creates a better connection than any 5G-network could. However, on our supermarket stop you can usually buy a local SIM-card if you want to. 

Can I charge my phone and camera

Yes you can. We have solar panels that supply us with electricity – therefore we just ask you to charge your phones and cameras when the sun is still out or while we’re driving. If you want to be able to charge it any time, we suggest you to take a powerbank as well, just to be sure. 

Can I take my surfboard / longboard / skates

Please get in touch to check. You probably can, but since our storage is limited, we’ll have to puzzle where to get which board. You wouldn’t think so with 4m high and 9m long, but believe us.. it’s true! 😉  

Do I need to be fit

No, you don’t have to be. We will spend most of our time outside, but it’s up to you on what activities you’ll join. As long as your cheerful, we’re all good. 😉

Can I take my pet

Unfortunately you can’t. We don’t want any of the other guests to feel unconformable and we’ll be doing a lot of activities where it’s not possible to take a pet. 

What if I have allergies

Please tell us, so we can take it into account when doing grocery-shopping.

Do I need to take my own food?

Unless you want to treat us to some delicious local specialty from your home-town, you don’t. We’ll buy breakfast, (packed) lunch and dinner, which we’ll prepare together. If you want snacks or other extras, you can of course take it with you. We will make sure to pass by a supermarket as well to buy the essentials. Also, you’re free to decide whether you want to go out for lunch or dinner of course (unfortunately we can’t refund though).


Can I cancel or change my reservation?

In order to change your trip or bus-rental, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do! 

If you want to cancel your stay or trip. 
We would recommend you to just join. 😉But if inevitable, and you do really have to cancel your trip our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Within 48 hours after booking: 100% refund
  • More than 120 days prior to departure: you pay administration fee of €45
  • Till 120 days prior to departure: you pay 10% of the travel fee (with a minimum of €45 administration fee)
  • Till 90 days prior to departure: you pay 20% of the travel fee
  • Till 60 days prior to departure: you pay 30% of the travel fee
  • Till 30 days prior to departure: you pay 50% of the travel fee
  • 15 – 29 days prior to departure: you pay 80% of the travel fee
  • Less than 15 days prior to departure: you pay 100% of the travel fee

Adventure Voucher – can I use it on all trips?

Yes, it is valid on all trips until July 2023. You can just enter the unique code when you make your booking.

What if the bus breaks down?

We do have an old bus, so things like this could happen. That’s part of the adventure when going on a trip with a 45 year old beast. However, in case this happens, we’ll try to have it fixed asap (we’ve become amateur-mechanics by now). 

If we can’t without a mayor delay we’ll first try to provide an alternative means of transportation and accommodation. If we can’t do so, we’ll refund you the money in accordance with the amount of days you’ll miss.

If we know we have problems before you arrive, we’ll let you know and give you the option of getting your money back.


To ensure your safety, travel insurance is mandatory. 

Your travel insurance should cover in case anything gets stolen. But please double check before leaving. 

Regarding outdoor-activities: please make sure your insurance covers you when getting hurt while playing in the outdoors. Not very likely, but of course you never know..

What if La Karavana cancels a trip?

If La Karavana has to cancel a trip or bus-rental, you’ll get a 100% refund.

Please note: if you’ve booked a flight, train ticket or ferry-ride in order to get to the bus: this won’t be refunded.

Payment methods

Bookings for all our trips are made through WeTravel. This is a booking system using a payment method called Mango Pay. This allows you to pay through Creditcard or SEPA Direct Debit. SEPA is simply a one-time authorization that ensures an easy and safe (inter)national transaction. More info on SEPA click here.