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We’re on a big adventure throughout the world and you can hop on anywhere you like.
Now, let’s hit the road and build some campfires!


Looking for other ways of traveling? Join us on our adventure and hop on our hostelbus anywhere you like! Our hostelbus is on a trip and we’d be happy to welcome you. See here where we are at what time and how it works.


Be ready to put on your hiking boots, get your mountainbike ready or take your kayak for a swim: it’s time to move!

We have theme-weekends as well: check them out here!

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Show us your cooking skills, get out some good old board games or cut some wood to stay warm at night. We’re in it as a team!

About Us.

We’re four friends who were looking for (more) adventure. That’s when we decided to start the Hostelbus.

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