We’d love to welcome you on board! You can join us for part of our adventure, let’s explore new places together. On the booking page you can find all our trips. Pick your favorite destination or theme and hop on!

Our trips take multiple days, often between 3 and 12. We will pick you up in location A and drop you off at point B. This will always be a central point, reachable by public transport.

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Pick your favourite TRIP

We will be on a round trip and you can decide wherever you want to join the adventure.


We organize both theme & road trips. On theme trips you’ll get to learn a new skill, such as climbing, surfing or bushcrafting. 

On road trips we’ll introduce you to a scala of different outdoor sports, while exploring a new region.

Check our route and find out exactly where we are at what date, so you can book your bed for the bits you like most.

duration trip

Our trips usually take anywhere between 3 and 12 days. 

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Everything arranged

We take care of the planning, routing, bonfires and buying of supplies. You basically just have to get up and decide whether you feel like joining the activity we picked out for you. And perhaps whether you want your egg boiled or fried for breakfast. 😉 

Feel wide-awake in the morning? We can use your help preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner or setting up the bonfire while you poor yourself a nice cold drink!

To see what’s included and what’s not, please check out our booking page.


The price for our trips vary a lot, because we offer a lot of different trips; different duration, themes, activities, workshops, etc. Please find all the details here.