25 JUNE – 6 July 2024 – SOUTH ROUTE (more info)
 8 – 17 JULY 2024
19 – 30 JULY 2024 – SOUTH ROUTE (more info)
10 days | €2995,-

Yes, we are doing it – we’ll ship our bus to Iceland! Why? Because we fell in love . It’s just too beautiful to not take you there. So get on and join the adventure – come and experience Iceland this unique way by joining us in our double decker bus from the 70s!

We will cruise over the ring road in our double decker bus. With small groups (max 11) of likeminded people. We are your hosts, drivers, cooks & new friends. We cruise, cook & sleep in the bus. Of course with loads of active stops along the way.

On this trip we take you to the north and we’ll visit highlights such as Dettifoss, Europe’s most powerful waterfall, Hvrerir, a unique geothermal area and Húsavik  Iceland’s whale watching capital. Furthermore we’ll take you to volcano-crater, the famous ‘John Snow Cave’ (GOT-fans – this one is for you!) and horsebackriding.

For the thrill seekers among us, there’s also the option to go on a exciting 6-hour rafting trip on a class 4-5 river.

Next to getting mesmerized by the waterfalls, volcanos, geothermal smoke & hottubs, we’ll also head out of the tourist zone – we’ll do beautiful undiscovered hikes, recommended to us by the locals. We’ll go on cave&river hike to find one of Iceland’s highest waterfalls and local Árni will take us (e-)mountainbiking around the amazing, remote & mountainous Bakkagerdi, which also happens to be one of the best spots to have the chance to see the lovely little puffins!  


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Since this is a new trip, the aftermovie is from another trip. It does give a pretty good idea of what to expect. You can also check out our Instagram Highlights for more photos of our scout-trip last October.


Itinerary see below

Practical Information

Pick Up & Drop-Off

We will pick you up at 09.00 at the centre of Egilsstadir.
Please note: if you choose to do our other Iceland tour, the south-east route, (Start June 25th or July 19th) – you will start in Reykjavik. For more info see here.

From here we’ll start to explore the island of Fire and Ice while road tripping in our 48-year old bus!

On your final day, we will bring you to the centre of Reykjavik at 11.00h.

There are frequent bus and plane services between Reykjavik and Egilsstadir. Find more information in the column below “How to get to Egilsstadir”.If you need any help, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Trip 1 – SOUTHEAST ROUTE (click for more info)
Reykjavik –> Egilsstadir (12 days)

Dates 25th of June – 6th of July 2024
Hop on:
Reykjavik 09 .00 
Drop off: Egilsstadir

Egilsstadir –> Reykjavik (10 days)

Dates: 8-17 July 2024
Hop on: Egilsstadir 09.00
Drop off: Reykjavik

Trip 3 – SOUTHEAST ROUTE (click for more info)
Reykjavik –> Egilsstadir (12 days)

Dates: 19-30 July 2024
Hop on: Reykjavik 09.00 
Drop off: Egilsstadir 11.00

Food & Drinks
Almost all meals (except for 1 night) are included, we will cook together at night and eat in / around the bus. All food is vegetarian. 

You can drink as much coffee, tea, water or lemonade as you like. Other drinks like beer, wine or soda are not included but can be bought on the bus. 

Your accommodation

The Bus
Of course part of the fun is to be living in our old timer bus, transformed from an old public transportation bus into a comfortable group accommodation.

You’ll sleep in a comfortable bed, either a bunk-bed or a single bed. Your bed has its own little light, curtain and space underneath for your belongings.

Upstairs you’ll also find the lounge with a view, while downstairs is the living area, with kitchen and dining area. Both areas have what we call in Dutch ‘ARKO’ (Alle Ramen Kunnen Open’) and a heating system for the colder nights.

Downstairs we have a big lounge / dining area with heater, where you can start your day with a cup of coffee or end your day after trying to beat us playing board games (good luck). 

The Campsites
We’ll park the bus at beautiful campsites along the way. We will use the sanitary facilities such as shower and toilet from the campsites. We do have a compost toilet with us for emergencies like excitement pees. 

What’s included
  • 9 nights accommodation in the bus
  • 2 hosts (also drivers, cooks, mechanics)
  • Transportation during the trip
  • Entrance to all sites
  • Campsites with extraordinary views
  • Roadtrippin along Iceland’s amazing roads and remote scenery
  • Visit to both the northern highlights but also the less touristy areas such as the East of Iceland.


  • Almost all your meals (9x breakfast, 9x (packed) lunch, 7x dinner)
  • All your coffee, tea, water & lemonade.
  • Snacks


  • Guided e-mountainbike ride around the stunning mountainous east
  • Visit to Europe’s most powerful waterfall; Dettifoss
  • Visit the impressive, unreal geothermal area around Myvatn & Hverir.
  • Climb the Hverfjell volcano and enjoy the view over Myvatn lake
  • Feel like you’re in Game of Thrones and dip your toe into the water at the Grjotagja aKa ‘John Snow’ cave
  • Visit to Husavik & Akureyri
  • Check out the puffins!*
  • Visit the Godafoss waterfall
  • Undiscovered, stunning 3-4 hour hike
  • Beautiful hike to one of Iceland’s highest waterfalls; Glymur
  • Visit Reykjavik

*Since birds tend to fly, we cannot 100% guarantee you we’ll see the puffins. However, at the time of our visit, they should usually be there in big numbers. 

What’s not included
  • Drinks other than the above mentioned (drinks can be bought on the bus)
  • Transportation to pick-up & from drop-off location
  • Towel
  • Travel Insurance
  • Dinner in restaurant (2x)


  • Rafting (6hr) IV (€170)
  • Whalewatching (3hr) (€90)
  • Myvatn Hot springs (€50)

How to get to/from Reykjavik


Since Iceland is an island, it’s easiest to fly there. However you can also take the ferry.

There are many flights taking off and arriving in Reykjavik airport daily. This is definitely the fastest way to travel.

Both Iceland Air, Transavia and Play have direct flights from Amsterdam to Reykjavik. Also there are good connections from Brussels, Dusseldorf and the US.

We like these websites when searching for the best flight: 
Google Flights or  Skyscanner.

Do you have the time and are you in for an adventure? Then there’s the option to take the ferry! It leaves from Hirtshals (Denmark) and will take you to Iceland in three days. You can even get off at the Faroe Islands! 

The ferry goes once a week and leaves Hirtshals every Tuesday and Reykjavik every Thursday.

For more information on their schedule and bookings, check out their website.

How to get to Egilsstadir


Do you have time and are you in for some adventure?? Then this is a great (and cheap) option! And the good thing is, Iceland has only one main road going all around the Iceland, which makes it a fairly easy country to hitchhike in. Hé, you could even make it into a hitchhiking competition with your fellow travelers!

This is your fastest and second cheapest option (flights from €80).  

There are two to three flights a day between Reykjavik and Egilsstadir. They’re all operated by IcelandAir. Find more info & tickets, please check out 
their website. 

There’s a busroute that connects Reykjavik in the west to Egilsstadir in the east. You’ll have to make a change-over in Akureyri and spend the night there, but there are plenty of nice hostels, cottages, campsites and hotels here. The bus route is absolutely stunning, so this won’t be a waste of your time! 

Bus nr 57 goes from Mjódd Reykjavík bus stop to Akureyri, that trip takes about 6 1/2 hours. It leaves Reykjavik at 9 A.M. and arrives in Akureyri well before dinner time, at 15.29. 

Bus nr 56 goes from Akureyri to Egilsstaðir, that trip takes about 3 1/5 hours. It leaves at 8 A.M. and gets you to Egilsstadir at 11.22.  

This is the timetable for bus nr 57.

This is our current timetable for bus nr 56 It changes during summer and usually there is a trip every weekday. Please make sure to double check once you get closer to your trip. 

In Egilsstadir there’s a lovely hostel that often hosts live music in summer time. They have both a restaurant and a kitchen and a lovely bar. It’s called Tehusid.

Join us there! 
Of course, it’s also possible to book a second trip, which will take you all around. The good thing is; the route will be almost completely different, since it will take you back the other way; south or north. There are usually 2 nights between the trips, but Egilsstadir has a very nice hostel where you could (easily) spend those 2 nights while exploring on your own. So if you’re ready to join us for 22 days and explore the entire island – then hop back on! 

Cancellation Policy

We would recommend you to just join. 😉
But if inevitable, and you do really have to cancel your trip:

  • Within 48 hours after booking: 100% refund
  • More than 120 days prior to departure: administration fee of €45
  • Till 120 days prior to departure: 10% of the travel fee (with a minimum of €45 administration fee)
  • Till 90 days prior to departure: 20% of the travel fee
  • Till 60 days prior to departure: 30% of the travel fee
  • Till 30 days prior to departure: 50% of the travel fee
  • 15 – 29 days prior to departure: 80% of the travel fee
  • Less than 15 days prior to departure: 100% of the travel fee
The Golden Circle – are we going there?

Hey but wait a minute, the golden circle is missing! 

Yes, that’s right! The golden circle is impressive, but we feel that other parts of Iceland are way more impressive and furthermore; much less touristy! We want to take you further out of the tourist zone and let you discover other things than where all the regular tours would take you.

So we decided to skip the Golden Circle. However, it can be very easily organized from Reykjavik. So if you do feel like seeing it, we’d be happy to help you organize it, so you can extend your trip. 


Day 1 – (E-)Mountainbike tour & puffins

Pick-up, Amázing landscapes, E-mountainbike tour & puffins

After picking you up in Egilsstadir, we start our trip. & we start with a very spectacular day!

We’ll first be picked up in Egilsstadir and taken to one of the most spectaculair places in Iceland – if you ask us. The route is absolutely amazing and jaw-dropping. It’s all the way up in the north-east, 70km north from Egilsstadir. The car-ride there is one hour of pure pleasure, where we’ll zigzag over a mountain on the hairpin bends and enter a valley with the sea smiling at us at the end of it. 

Though our bus is strong, these mountains are stronger. So we’ll be picked up with another bus, since we absolutely didn’t want to skip this part. In Bakkagerdi Árni will be waiting for us with his e-mountain bikes. He’s got a route set out for us that will take us through the amazing area around. We’ll see remarkable views of the Víknaslóðir Wilderness, Borgarfjörður eystri, mountains, valleys, sea and little (and big!) waterfalls.

We’ll end the trip at the puffins in Bakkargerdi, one of the best sites in Iceland to see them from up close! Here we’ll have time to enjoy these lovely little birds from nearby.*

Please note; since birds tend to fly, we cannot 100% guarantee you we’ll see the puffins. However, at the time of our visit, they should usually be there in big numbers. 

Day 2 – Dettifoss & beautiful hike

Dettifoss & beautiful 5hr hike

We wake up and drive the impressive remote road to get to Dettifoss. We’ll see mountains everywhere we look – it’s a very stunning ride! 

We get to Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall of Europe! It’s 45m high and 100m wide, which makes it one of Iceland’s most impressive waterfalls. We’ll already hear it tumbling down as soon as we step out of our bus. We’ll have time to explore and stare into it. No rush! 

We continue our way to the start of a beautiful not very well known hike – the ones we love! The hike will follow the river that ends at Dettifoss and will take us all the way to Asbyrgi, where we’ll set up camp tonight. It’s a 5-hour hike. Don’t feel like doing such a long hike? There’s the possibility to join on the bus to Asbyrgi and go for a shorter hike around Asbyrgi. 

Day 3 – Husavik, whales & Myvatn geothermal baths

Husavik, Whalewatching, Myvatn Nature Baths 

We enjoy a lovely breakfast on the bus and start the engine! Today we go to Husavik – Iceland’s whale watching capital.

Whale watching.
You can watch these giant, impressive & very important animals from the water. Húsavik is known for having lots of whales in the bay, who come here during summer time to feed themselves and their babies.

Since we find it important we won’t disturb the whales, we’ve decided to offer you the option to go on a trip on an electrical boat, with a company works closely together with the animal welfare organization of Iceland and also support research done by them. The guides on the ships are usually biologists, who care about the whales and can teach you more about them. 

On the electric boats you’ll glide silently through the sea which allows you to quietly approach the whales in their natural habitat, causing them minimal disturbance. A breathtaking aspect of the experience is listening to the whales – humpbacks and blue whales are incredibly powerful and can be heard from great distances. Imagine that excitement onboard when hearing the first blow!

However, we realize not everyone might be interested in doing this, so we made this an optional activity. If you don’t feel like joining, you could still do plenty of other nice things around Husavik! For example:

  • Visit the local beer brewery and of course – try some!
  • Visit the whale museum (€15)
  • Learn everything about whales
  • Walk up the hill behind the town to enjoy the view over the town and the bay behind it.

We continue our way to Myvatn, an area surrounded by lots of volcanic activity. This creates the special environment; craters, geothermal areas and hotttt water! 

We will finish the day relaxing in the Nature Baths at Myvatn – a very special experience since it’s all heated up by the heat of the earth. The steam bath for example is so natural; the steam comes straight from the ground! And you know what – they have a swim-up bar, where we could enjoy a nice cold drink while relaxing in the water! 

Day 4 – Hvrerir geothermal area, “John Snow Cave” & Hverfjall Volcano & Akureyri

Hvrerir, Grjotagje Cave, Hverfjall volcano & Akureyri

We start the day by discovering Hvrerir. Hvrerir feels a little like magic – there’s smoke coming up from the ground everywhere you look, mud is boiling and the soil turns yellowish. This all happens because the crust of the earth is very thin here, and it’s a very active volcanic area. It’s one of Iceland’s most alien locations. And another good thing; it smells like rotten eggs, so you can fart without anyone noticing, woohoo! 

Let’s try boiling our egg!?

We will drive to one of the most famous scenes from Game of Thrones; John Snow flirting with a girl, woopwoop! It’s the
Grjotagja cave . Did you know the water is over 40 degrees?? Heated up by the volcanic land underneath. Unfortunately we cannot promise you John Snow, but the cave in itself is worth the visit and just as hot.;)

From the cave we walk up to the
Hverfjall volcano – a very impressive 312m high and 1km wide volcanic crater that was formed around 2500 years ago. 

We continue our way to
Godafoss, a beautiful waterfall just off the main road and on the way to Akureyri. In Akureyri we’ll end our day by having dinner in one of the nice restaurants around – and experiencing culinary Iceland.  (at own costs)

Day 5 – Undiscovered, beautiful loop (3-4hrs)

Beat the crowds – beautiful undiscovered hike.

Time to get your hiking boots! Today we’ll go out on a
day hike recommended to us by the locals. It’s likely we won’t meet a lot of other people on this hike, since it’s not very famous. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not pretty. We’ve tested it and we loved it! Mountains all around and a beautiful mountain lake as the reward on our 3-4 hour loop.

We’ll drive further over the beautiful route to get to Viking Rafting – we’ll set up camp here and hang around the fire with the kayakers, guitars & marshmellows before heading out with them tomorrow.   

Day 6 – Rafting class 4-5 or relaxing day!

Rafting class 4-5 or relaxing day!

For all the adrenaline seekers out there – today is rafting day! Are you ready for river class 4-5!? Then get your wetsuit on and there we gooo! We’re in safe hands at the guys of Viking Rafting – who will take us down the beautiful river (optional activity). 

Prefer not to join rafting? Then there’s plenty of options. You can either chill and go for a stroll in the beautiful surroundings. Or we can take you to the nearby impressive waterfall which has a hidden natural hot spring right behind it. 

When the rafters get back –  we’ll treat ourselves to some hot chocolat to warm back up and drive further on the scenic route towards our next campsite. 

Day 7 – Horseback riding the world-famous Icelandic horse

Horseback riding & Canyon visit

We will head to the west, where we’ll have the unique chance to experience the world-famous trot of the Icelandic horsesIcelandic horses are world-famous for it, which makes it a more comfortable horse to ride compared to non-Icelandic horses. Useful, for people like us who always get a sore butt when riding too long! 

The route will take you through the beautiful surroundings and is a nice introduction to a very big cultural tradition here in Iceland. The horse stable is family-owned.

After getting off the horses we continue south, making a stop at the beautiful Kolugljufur canyon. We’ll have time to explore before continuing to the little town of Hvammstangi. 

Day 8 – Glymur Waterfall hike

Glymur Waterfall

Slowly making our way back to Reykjavik but not before we explore the entire region! Glymur Waterfall is, with its 196m height one of Iceland’s highest waterfalls. And in this case it’s not just about the waterfall – the hike to find it is worth it already! We’ll go through caves, cross the water on a tree (please help Sas!) and have to do a nice work-out to get to the waterfall. It’s a beautiful 4-5 hr loop. 

We continue to the campsite where we’ll set up camp, cook, relax & enjoy dinner.

Day 9 – Reykjavik


We’ll have an easy morning before heading out to Reykjavik. The city where even the red traffic lights make you smile (you’ll see why when we get there).

We’ll have time here to wander around, enjoy the big artistic & music scene, lovely restaurants, see the rainbow street and the impressive church at the end of it. 

We’ll go out for dinner in town to celebrate the last day of our trip (at own costs). 

We’ll sleep in Reykjavik, so time to discover the Icelandic bar-scene! 

Day 10 – Back Home

Back home

We’ll have an easy morning. At breakfast, we can go over all the things we’ve done together on this trip one more time, before taking you to the drop-off location in Reykjavik (11.00 AM). 

From here you can either continue your way around Iceland, the golden circle or head home.. Eitherway we can help you find your way! 

It’s also possible to join us for two trips, and join us on the way back over the southern-route to Egilsstadir. 

Please note:
we highly recommend you don’t book any flights home within 4 hours after our estimated arrival time, just in case we have any delays on the way. We are traveling in an old-timer bus after all – delays can be part of the adventure. 

Prefer to book a trip with a group of friends but the date doesn’t match or you’d like to change the itinerary a bit? Contact us for the possibilities!

By clicking ‘Book Now’ you’ll be lead to our Booking System ‘We Travel’. Payments can be made via  SEPA or creditcard. 

Any more questions? Please contact us!