Merchandise | La Karavana Handies

Get yourself something handy and off you go, into the outdoors! 

All our products are eco-friendly and collaborations with parties that work in a sustainable way.

For each product we specifically asked for the best quality available. The little profit we make will go into finalizing the bus.

Dreamy Daypack

For all your daily adventures!

Eco-friendly and firm bag that will last forever (if you don’t lose it ;)). 100% cotton. 

Timeless Thermos

Lose track of time in the mountains or out on the beach. Nevertheless how much time has passed, your drink will still be either cold or warm with this lovely thermos.
0,5 L

Stargazing Sweater

Get yourself or your friend a Stargazing Sweater to keep you warm when gazing for the stars ! Nice and warm so you can comfortably wait till that star might drop down on you.

Available in black and bordeaux.

Campfire Hoodie

Get yourself or your friend a Campfire Hoodie! Nice and warm so you won’t get cold while getting the fire started.

Available in black and bordeaux.

Outdoor fire pit & BBQ

€139,00 – €169,00

Nothing beats cooking outside if you ask us. With this fire-pit-BBQ set you can do so all year long!