04 – 11 JULY 2023 (full)
13-20 JULY 2023 (FULL)
24 – 31 JULY 2023 (FULL) 

A unique road trip along the stunning fjords & lovely coast of Norway.

Join us on this epic road trip along the coast of Norway. Imagine yourself looking out the window in our unique old timer double decker bus. Some nice tunes coming from the speakers, making new friends and cruising along the coast, while the sun warms your face! 

 – 8 full days, 7x accommodation
– Almost all activities included
– All meals included (minus 1 night)
– Small groups (max 7)
– Unique way to travel

On this trip we’ll cruise along the southern coast between Kristiansand and Stavanger. We’ll kayak between hundreds of islands, hike up to unknown and quiet but beautiful trails, from where we look out over the impressive Lysefjord and tour by bike along the beautiful coast, scattered with lighthouses, also, we’ll jump on a sailboat to see the beautiful coast from Norway from the seaside!And of course..we’ll take the time to relax & build bonfires as well!


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Itinerary see below

Practical Information

Pick Up & Drop-Off

We will pick you up at 10.00 at the train & ferry station in Kristiansand.

From here we’ll drive in our 47-year old bus to the first stop – see the entire itinerary below. 

On your final day, we will bring you back to the train station in Stavanger at 12.00h.

We can help you with your train ticket back to our starting point. Simply add it to your booking.

Please note : if your departure date July 13th we do the trip the other way around. We will pick you up in Stavanger and drop you of at Kristiansand. 

Also please note : Trip 24-31 July is a special one. Lorenzo from Ontheroadwhale will join us in his old school double decker bus! Group consists of 10 instead of 7 people. 

Food & Drinks
Almost all meals (except for 1 night) are included, we will cook together on the fire at night. All food is vegetarian. 

You can drink as much coffee, tea, water or lemonade as you like. Other drinks like beer, wine or soda are not included and cost €3,00 each. 

This trip costs €1450,-.

Your accommodation

The Bus
Of course part of the fun is to be living in our ancient bus, transformed from an old public transportation bus into a comfortable group accommodation.

You’ll sleep in a comfortable bed, either a bunk-bed or a single bed. Your bed has its own little light, curtain and locker for your valuables.

Upstairs you’ll also find the lounge with a view, while downstairs is the living area, with kitchen and dining area. Both areas have what we call in Dutch ‘ARKO’ (Alle Ramen Kunnen Open’) and a heating system for the colder nights.

Downstairs we have a big lounge / dining area with heater, where you can start your day with a cup of coffee or enjoy conversation till we’re too tired to talk. 

The Campsites
We’ll park the bus at beautiful campsites along the way. We will use the sanitary facilities such as shower and toilet from the campsites.

What’s included
  • 7nights accommodation
  • 2 hosts
  • Transportation during the trip


  • Almost all your meals (7x breakfast, 7x lunch, 6x dinner)
  • All your coffee, tea, water & lemonade


  • Kayak through thousands islands
  • Biketrip along the beautiful coastline
  • Sail along the coast in a 100 yr old ship
  • Hike with stunning views over the famous Lysefjord

What’s not included
  • Drinks other than the above mentioned (drinks can be bought on the bus for €2,00.)
  • Transportation to pick-up & drop-off location
  • Towel
  • Travel Insurance


  • Beautiful 1hr fjord-boat ride & hike to the impressive Kjeragbolten (€70,-)
  • Stunning e-bike trip along the Lysefjord-area. Get an impression here. (€50,-)

How to get there


Since last year there’s a direct ferry leaving from Eemshaven (Netherlands) to Kristiansand: ideal for the Dutchies amongst us! For more information on their schedule and bookings, check out  their website.

It”s also possible to take the ferry from Hirtshals (Denmark). Check out the schedule and times  here.


Would you like to feel on a holiday as soon as you leave your doorstep? Then consider the train! There’s a good connection between Oslo, Kristiansand and Stavanger. For tickets and the schedule,  check the website of the Norwegian Railway.

Planning your train ride to Norway

If you’re coming from abroad, then  this website might be useful when planning your trip.


There are many flights taking off and arriving on Kristiansand & Stavanger airport daily. KLM flies directly from Amsterdam. 

Coming from somewhere else? We like these websites:  Google Flights or  Skyscanner.

Cancellation Policy

We would recommend you to just join. 😉
But if inevitable, and you do really have to cancel your trip:

  • within 48 hours after booking: 100% refund
  • More than 120 days prior to departure: administration fee of €45
  • Till 120 days prior to departure: 10% of the travel fee (with a minimum of €45 administration fee)
  • Till 90 days prior to departure: 20% of the travel fee
  • Till 60 days prior to departure: 30% of the travel fee
  • Till 30 days prior to departure: 50% of the travel fee
  • 15 – 29 days prior to departure: 80% of the travel fee
  • Less than 15 days prior to departure: 100% of the travel fee


Day 1 – Kristiansand & Kayak

Pick up Kristiansand & Kayak across hundreds of islands

Please note: The trips with departure date July 13 will be done in the opposite direction. You’ll start in Stavanger and end in Kristiansand.

We will pick you up in Kristiansand from where we’ll head west to Tregde. We’ll jump in a kayak to explore the hundreds of islands sprinkled in front of the southern coast. We’ll continue our way further west to visit the lovely town Mandal, situated on the sea. 

We continue our way to Lista, where we’ll sleep at a beautiful campsite right on the beach. Time to roast some marshmallows! 

Day 2 – Bikeride Lista

Bike trip along the coast

Today we continue our way to Lista, where we’ll visit the Lista lighthouse and grab a bike to explore some more. We’ll bike along the beautiful coastline, which is scattered with lighthouses. If we feel like it, we can get off the bike anywhere we wish and do one of the beautiful little hikes here as well, with views over the sea.

Still feel like being more active upon our return? It’s possible here to conquer the waves on a surf board! (optional activity)

Tonight we’ll sleep at the same campsite, right on the beach, again. 

Day 3 – Trollpikken & Egersund

Trollpikken Hike & visit to Egersund

Getting further west, nature is slowly becoming more rough. We’ll make our way to Egersund, where we get to climb the famous Trollpikken‘. A rock formation that has been formed thousands of years ago, when Norway was still completely covered by ice. It’s located in one of the three UNESCO Geo parks of Norway.

We’ll continue our way to Egersund where we’ll have some time to discover this lovely little town. We can visit the chocolate factory, the harbor or just stroll around.

Tonight dinner is not included, allowing us to enjoy one of the nice restaurants in Egersund. We’ll sleep just 2km out of town, so we have all the time to enjoy the evening here.

Day 4 – Sailing!

Let’s go sailing!

Yiihaa, today we’ll be on the water again. We’ll go sailing with adventurers Kjeril and Catherina, owners of ‘The Wild South West’. As Norwegians from this area, they know all the right spots to sail to. Whether we just want to sit back & relax or join as a crew and handle the sails and ropes, it’s all possible! 

Day 5 – Hidden gem hike

Impressive (but undiscovered) hike

Time to stretch the legs and go for a proper hike today! The hike we’ll do today is not well-known but recommended to us by the locals – no crowds we’ll have to cue up with! But nevertheless beautiful views over  the impressive Lysefjord. It’s a 3-4 hour hike (return), but of course it’s up to us if we’ll sit there for hours to enjoy the impressive views over the fjord and its surroundings.

Day 6 – Fjord Area Bike ride

Heading for the fjords!

We’ll continue our way up north, where the mountains and fjords greet us.  

We’ll settle in the beautiful village Forsand, situated right on an impressive fjord-lake. The Lysefjord is a 40-kilometre-long fjord and is flanked by steep mountains, some more than 1,000 meters high! 

Today it’s up to you if you want to relax, go for a hike or take an (electric) bike (optional) and discover the amazing fjord that’s right at our feet. To get an idea of the area and the bike trip we could decide to do, check out this video.

Check out a video of the area here

Day 7 – Fjord ferry & Florli (hike)

Relax Day with the option to go on the impressive Florli Hike

Today it’s for you to decide whether you want to relax after yesterday’s bike ride or if you feel the opposite and just got into it! 

It’s possible to go on the beautiful hike around Florli, halfway in the fjord. We start off with a beautiful ferry ride through the impressive before getting there +/- 1 hour later.  We’ll do a hike recommended by the Dutch Hessel who runs this little village. He has set out all the hikes here, so he can know! For the daredevils among us, it’s also possible to climb the 4444 steep stairs up (optional activity).

We’ll take a one-hour stunning ferry ride through the fjord early in the morning to have the area all to ourselves & to have all the time we need! 

If you don’t feel like doing another big hike today, there are many other possibilities in the area. We could walk to a beautiful lake, or just stroll along the little village of Forsand with a cute little harbor. It’s also possible to just join on the ferry through the fjord, and not join on the hike itself, but relax in the restaurant in Florli or visit the museum here.

Day 8 – Back home

Back home

We’ll have an easy morning. At breakfast we can go over all the things we’ve done together on this trip one more time, before taking you to the drop-off location in Stavanger (12.00).

Please note: we highly recommend you don’t book your flight home within 4 hours after our estimated arrival time, just in case we have any delays on the way. We are traveling in an old-timer bus after all – delays can be part of the adventure. 

Prefer to book a trip with a group of friends but the date doesn’t match or you’d like to change the itinerary a bit? Contact us for the possibilities!

By clicking ‘Book Now’ you’ll be lead to our Booking System ‘We Travel’. 

Any more questions? Please contact us!