Welcome to our Little Adventure Shop, where you can help to realize our dream: the creation of the first double decker Outdoor Hostelbus in the world: La Karavana.

How? You can either donate or become our Bus Friend Forever. See below.


Donate. Like our plans? Help us by making a donation! Every penny helps us a lot and is very much appreciated!!

Let’s be friends.  Become a friend of the bus and be the first to be able to book, come to our friends night out and more.

100% of the profit will go to the realization of La Karavana, The Outdoor Hostelbus. With your help we can complete the bus and together hit the road as soon as possible!

We couldn’t thank you enough, but…


Eileen, Saskia, Lisa and Jolisa



Who are we
We are Eileen, Lisa, Jolisa and Saskia and we are converting an old English double decker bus into a 9-bed hostelbus. All four of us love to travel, organize all kinds of events and are always looking for adventure. To start (and finish!) a project is not new to us, since we’re event organizers as a profession. Also, one of us has been working as a travel guide for many years now. The perfect combination to start this project!

Our Dream 
We are creating a hostelbus. Yes, that’s right: a bus that we will convert into a driving hostel that fits 7 guests. Why? Because we want to share our enthusiasm for traveling and discovering new places with you. We will take you on our outdoor adventures, take you climbing, kayaking, mountain biking. We’ll take you into nature! We can’t wait to hit the road!

We have already bought the bus and will spend the coming months converting it. It will have 9 beds on the top floor and a kitchen, lounge, bathroom on the ground floor. 

We do need some help in realizing this crazy plan though… 


We’ve all put our savings in, which makes up for €20.000 of the project. With this money we were able to buy and fully check the bus. Meet  La KaravanaWe believe this bus fits all the needs of the Outdoor Hostelbus we have in mind. It’s an English double decker bus with enough space for everything we think you want when you come to visit. Think of:

– a lounge area
– A hot shower
– A toilet
– 9 comfortable beds
– Heating system
– Fully equipped kitchen
– Off the grid system (solar panels)

Because unfortunately €20.000 is not enough to complete the whole project we do need some help. Of course you’ll get something in return. That’s how the Little Adventure Shop was born. 

What will we use the money for?
These are our estimated costs:

Heating system €2.500 | To keep you warm on cold winter nights next to the piste
Water system €2.000 | We will take approx 900L to keep you hydrated & clean! 
Kitchen €1.800 | Includes an oven to get you hot crispy bread for breakfast!
Electricity €2.200 | Solar panels and enough plugs for you to charge your cameras, play games all night long and have a cold beer at the bonfire.
Bathroom €1.200 | A nice smelling, sustainable toilet and fresh hot shower
Bedroom €1.200 | 9 Comfy beds with lockers to keep your belongings safe and curtains to keep your eyes closed after a late night jam session.
Insulation €1.400 | To make sure you stay warm in winter and cold in summer
Water proof €1.800 | We’ll replace all the window rubbers to make 100% sure it won’t be raining inside!
Paint €3.000 | To become a real eye catcher we’ll paint the bus something else than white. And of course, we’d like our website & logo to be on it.
4 Truck driver licenses €8.000 
| Last but not least, since we figured you guys would feel more comfortable if we actually have the right driver license! If we don’t make enough money, we’ll just pretend we have it. 😉