The kitchen

With sink, two fridges, oven, stove, hot water and all the pots and pans you could wish for.

The living area

Downstairs you’ll find the living area. This includes a dining area for 10, kitchen, heating system, and of course.. the driver’s seat. 😉

The upstairs-lounge

The place with the best view! These seats have been inspected and you’re allowed to sit here while driving as well. Place for four while standing still, place for two while driving. Don’t fight over these please haha. 

The sleeping area

Upstairs you’ll find the sleeping area with nine beds. All beds are 2.00 m long, so big enough for tall people as well. 

 Underneath every bed you’ll find a big locker to put your backpack in. You can close these with a lock. 

Your bed, with your own light & curtains for privacy.

The living area

The dining & board games lounge