Are you getting married, want to add something to your festival, offer your guests a special accommodation, organize a unique team building or are you looking for a cool weekend with your friends? Whatever you think of, we will try to make it happen! 

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Available from summer 2021

Bus facts: 

  • – 9 beds, toilet, hot shower, lounge and kitchen on board
    – We can take a max of 8 people (excl. driver)


You are getting married and don’t want yourself ór your guest to travel home or to their hotels afterwards? Rent our bus and you don’t have to! 

We can also provide a fire pit, stretch tent and breakfast for your guests. 


Finalize your event by adding something unique? We can host ‘bus-concerts‘, bed-time-stories, spoken word and what more! Or use it as your merchandise stand

Prefer to let others enjoy the bus for a night? Offer it on your glamping

Let’s get in touch and brainstorm about the endless possibilities. 


Wanna hit the road for a Roadtrip 2.0 as a surprise for one of your friends? A day, a weekend or even a week. Up to you! 

Let’s get in touch and discuss the possibilities. 

Company trips

Want to suprise your emloyees with a special team building day? It doesn’t get more unique than our bus, of which you can only find 5 others driving around The Netherlands.

For example:
Pick up, brainstorm/meeting in the bus, lunch, workshop outside (energizer), BBQ.

Let’s get in touch and customize it completely to your wishes!