23 – 30 OCT 2021


Fancy the water? Then this (road)trip is for you!

This roadtrip is full of water-activities. We’ll go on a an two-day sailing trip, hike through Western-Europe’s biggest swamp and snorkel through our clearest waters.

We’ll start off with a visit to one of our lesser known islands: Tiengemeten. With only 9 inhabitants, one of our more deserted and quiet islands as well. We’ll sleep on the Island, which we only have to share with some Highland cows, the couple inhabitants and some other lost souls.

The Just enjoy the scenery or join us for a visit to the world’s famous bird watching tower Tij.

Then we’re (hopefully) going to spot some wildlife by snorkeling through the ‘Grevelingenmeer’, famous for being the cleanest salt-water lake in South-Western Europe! (And the clearest lake in The Netherlands)

Of course we’re going to taste some ‘Zeeuwse’ delicacy, which we’ll ‘catch’ ourselves, so it will taste even better. Seaweed, mussels..and more. Our friend “Sea-weed-man’ will teach us all about it. 

We’ll get lost in the biggest swamp of Western Europe (known as ‘Het Verdronken Land’ (The drowned land) and experience the interesting ‘ghosttown’ Doel. And there is a little surprise waiting for you at the end of the day..

To finish it all off, we’ll hop on a two-day sailing trip and will work together to get to deserted islands or wherever we want to go. For this experience, we’ll leave our bus behind for one night.

We’ll sleep on the bus on all nights (except the last) and on personal, small campsites / Campspaces and at farmers.

the bus

At the end of the day, when you just want to chill, we’ll be waiting there with your home for the coming days.

Fully equipped with heating, kitchen, bathroom, comfy beds, a big lounge and of course…a fire pit!

Of course part of the fun is to be driving in our ancient bus, transformed from an old public transport bus into a comfortable hostel on the move. We’ll be on a roadtrip to discover the province, the bus will take us from A to B (if we’re lucky.

You’ll have your own bed, with curtains to provide some privacy. Upstairs you’ll also find the lounge with a view, while downstairs is the living area, with kitchen, bathroom and dining area.

Both areas have what we call in Dutch ‘ARKO’ (Alle Ramen Kunnen Open’) and a heating system for the colder nights.  

So, hop hop, train your muscles because we might need you cutting vegetables or pushing the bus up the hil every now and then!. All part of the adventure! 


Jolisa, Eileen, Saskia & Lisa

23 – 30 october 2021

> breakfast, lunch, dinner
> Accommodation
> Transport
> 2 hosts
> Coffee, tea, water
> most activities
> bedding

get on & off

Pick Up
train station
23 OCT – 12.00

Drop off

Bergen op Zoom
 train station
30 OCT – 13.00

Activities included

> 2 day sailing trip
> Snorkeling
> Guided hike ‘Verdronken Land’

activities optional

> Blokarten (€20,00)
> Mountainbiking (€25,00)


> Travel insurance
> Drinks (other than tea, coffee,water)
> optional activities

> towel