What are you getting yourself into?!

A lot of fun, haha. What else.. Well first of all our bus is 4m high, 9m long and 2,5m wide and has two floors. With its 40m2 it’s much bigger than an average student apartment. 😉

Upstairs we’ve created a nice dorm, with 9 beds. Also, there’s a sitting area and not to forget..the seats with the best view are in front!

On the ground floor (pretty cool to be able to say that when talking about a bus) you’ll find a kitchen, big dining area and the bathroom. 

Each floor is +/- 1.72m, but don’t worry: whenever we’re in the bus we’re sitting & eating or lying & sleeping!

So, what will you find exactly. 

Ground floor | The Living Area

A kitchen with sink + stove + oven
Two fridges, free for anyone to use
A compost toilet
A dining area that will fit 10
A heating system
Electricity plugs
Lots of water, all our water tanks are based right underneath your butt when sitting on the couch
The driver’s seat (on the right side!)

Top Floor | The dorm

9 beds, all with their own curtains to provide some privacy
Storage for your stuff (enough to put your backpack in)
Best seats in town – in the front of the bus

And of course…

 Board games
Plates, cups, cutlery, pots, pans, etc.