We are three friends who are all big fans of traveling, adventure and the unexpected that comes with it. When we’re not traveling ourselves, we spend all the spare time we have outside. We wanted to share our lifestyle with you and take you on a trip to show the beauty of the outdoors & unexpected! 

We figured this (2020) would be the time to follow up on that crazy dream. Due to Covid-19 we now all had the time to change this rusty old bus into this beautiful hostel that we’ve created. Want to see how we took out all windows, painted the whole bus and hammered the interior? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!


La Karavana is a 46-year old bus converted into a comfortable hostel on wheels. It is a bus in which we have created 9 beds, a hot shower, toilet, lounge, kitchen and even a heating system. We’re fully off-grid, so can stop anywhere we want. 

We will guide all the trips from A to Z. We will take you from the starting point to the finish line with a lot of (active) stops and adventures on the way! By the end we will drop you off with new friends & memories!


We will adventure through Europe and you can hop on anywhere you like!

Join us for a multi-day day trip through the forest, into the mountains or heading for the sea.

Check out our schedule and starting points  here

Prefer to design your own trip? Contact us!